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The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is safe and effective. It gives you the best protection against coronavirus.

When will I have the coronavirus vaccination, who will give me it and how do I arrange a vaccination?

  • When? Our vaccine deliveries commenced in late December.
  • Who? GP Practices will be vaccinating over 50s and other clinically vulnerable adults. We understand that under 50s will receive their vaccination via a national mass site – details will be confirmed as soon as we hear them. We will begin with over 80s, as per national guidance.
  • How? Don’t call us – we will call you! Initially bookings may be fairly short notice (eg a week or less) and we are incredibly grateful to our staff for working at such short notice as part of this national effort to move us out of the pandemic.  Therefore we encourage people to take up the clinics offered if they possibly can so that we can make best use of our clinic times and ensure that everyone eligible gets their vaccination as soon as possible.

Due to new advice from the UK Chief Medical Officers, we will be rescheduling second coronavirus vaccination appointments that have already been booked.

Patients who have not yet received a vaccination will have their second dose 12 weeks after their first vaccination.

Update 18/01/2021:  We are currently completing vaccinations for patients aged 80 and above and care home staff. Once we have vaccinated this group we will then begin to contact patients aged 75 and above. We are vaccinating as quickly as we can but we are very dependent on vaccine supply.

Read the latest JCVI advice on priority groups for the COVID-19 vaccination on GOV.UK


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