Ingrowing Toenail Surgery Information




Before you come in for the procedure:

Please make sure your feet are freshly washed in preparation!

Wear (or bring) loose-fitting footwear or slippers to wear afterwards as you will have a bulky dressing on your toe.

We strongly advise you to have someone to take you home after the procedure and not drive yourself – you have a legal responsibility to remain in control of your vehicle at all times, and this may be impaired by local anaesthetic affects on your foot. Your vehicle insurance is likely to be affected, meaning if you had an accident you may not be covered.

Make sure that you tell the clinician about any relevant medical problems, drugs and allergies – particularly if you have been started on new medicines recently in hospital for example (eg blood thinners such as rivaroxaban, apixaban, edoxaban, warfarin)


After the surgery:

For the rest of the day of the procedure, rest as much as possible with feet at waist height, use a cushion under your knees to keep your legs slightly bent in order to prevent muscle tension in the back of your legs.

Prepare that your mobility may be reduced for a few days as you may have some soreness, and the dressing on your toe/foot will impact what you can wear on your feet.

Do Not Remove The Surgical Dressing – Slight bleeding is normal.

In case of significant bleeding apply additional dressings on top and elevate the foot, apply pressure if necessary and seek medical attention if the bleeding does not settle.

Please also seek medical attention if you have increasing pain, swelling or redness in the days following your procedure or if you feel unwell.

  • For post-op pain, take paracetamol based pain killers (not aspirin based)
  • Do not wear footwear that is too tight and may put pressure on the foot and toes

You will be given a dressing appointment for us to review and redress your toe several days after the procedure.

Please soak your whole foot in warm water for 5 minutes – but leave the dressing on – before you come in for this appointment as this will make the removal of the original surgical dressing easier and more comfortable.