PPG Meeting Minutes: 18th January 2023



  • Date: 18th January 2023
  • Location: Station Medical Centre
  • Present From HMG
  • Ceri Chaplin (Managing Partner)
  • Katie Jones (Operations Manager)
  • Dr Cath Laird (GP partner)
  • Marcia Martin (Quality and HR manager, and Interim Chair)
  • Michael Griffin (Communications Officer)
  • Kerry Mills (Advanced nurse Practitioner and PCN Clinical Lead)
  • Patient Present
  • CB
  • AS
  • SB
  • HH
  • JP
  • HP
  • LM
  • CH
  • ST
  • LT
  • SM
  • TS

MM opened the meeting by thanking the patients for attending the meeting and introduced the HMG staff members and partners present.


Action and minutes from the previous meeting held 13th October 2022

  • Chair- MM said that the group was still looking for a patient Chair, and that we could offer support to that person. Please let Marcia or Michael know if you are interested.
  • Volunteers- MM is still exploring this option, some of the barriers are around confidentiality and insurance. Action MM
  • There was a request to produce an acronyms list, for better clarity. And TM raised the point about sharing news in local parish newsletters. Action MG            

New Business 

  • Communications Officer, MG introduced his role, and welcomed offers of advice and support in regards to comms including the website.
  • New Routine Appointment System – KJ and CL gave an update on the new Routine Appointment request system. The system was thought to be more equitable and a fairer system removing the need to keep phoning the surgery back and waiting in a phone queue. LT had tested the system and it worked, although she would have liked to have seen which GP she was booking with.  CC/KJ currently working with the text system provider to look at improvements . Action CC/KJ                                           
  • There was also a question about what is a ‘Routine appointment,’  KJ/CL are working on a list that should help with this but generally anything that does not need to be seen today.          Action CC/KJ
  • There was also a query about the phone messaging, KJ will review to make the messaging clearer. Action KJ
  • Myth Busting – MM had previously shared this document and the feedback from the PPG was discussed anonymously. Overall comments included
  1. It was too long
  2. It needed pictures
  3. It needed to focus more on the positives
  4. HMG needed to market itself more.
  • PPG questions –had not been received – MG will look into this technical error. Patients shared some individual stories that the management team will follow up individually. One patient thanked the script team as the system was working well, and the group thanked the Staff for their work sorting out the appointment system.


  • CC discussed the issues that had prevented the full access of patient’s records online. This included confidentiality and safeguarding issues. There is no national rollout date planned at present 

The meeting ended at 19.30
The next planned meeting is the 26th April 2023.