PPG Meeting Minutes: 24 August 2023



  • Date: 24 August 2023
  • Location: Station Medical Centre


  • Chair – Mr Terry Smissons
  • GP Partner -Dr Andy Hargraves
  • Ceri Chaplin (CC) –Managing Business Partner
  • Lucy Jones (LJ)-PCN and IT Manager (HMG)
  • Marcia Martin (MM) -Quality and HR manager (HMG

MM welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave some updates to the Quality Team. Bryony Reid will be replacing MM as Quality Manager in mid-September. MM will remain as HR Manager. Liz Morris replaces Melanie Evans as our Patient and Liaison Manager (PALs). Both will be introduced at the next meeting in November

The chair then started the meeting.


The chair reviewed the minutes and raised the following actions points

  • GP Numbers. CC gave an update on the current status of GP recruitment. Whilst both Dr Chataway and Dr Turnbull are retiring this year they are staying on with HMG as retainer GPs. We have recruited three newly qualified GPs and a further experienced retainer GP.
  • We discussed the recall system for patients requiring regular blood results. HMG has a team of staff who recall patients for chronic disease checks.
  • Cancellation of appointments is an issue, as often patients then have a further wait to be seen. HMG to look at this. Action CC
  • The screens in reception have been highered as requested.

New Business 

Improving Access

CC gave an update on the measures been taken and planned to improve the access for patients to medical services

  • As part of a national incentive scheme, HMG have a plan to support improved access for patients
  • HMG are currently looking at improving the online question form for patients, to give more in depth information, to improve the triaging for GPs.
  • Looking to bring triage times down from 5 days to 24 hours.
  • HMG have already upgraded the phone system and patients are making use of the ring back feature.

Comments from patients

  • Can HMG improve its communications to patients to let them know in advance of changes? Action needed

Digital Access

LJ gave an update on prospective access for patients

Patients will be able see their prospective medical records online from the 4th October 2023 via the NHS app

  • Patients from 13yrs old can access
  • Proxy access will be available as appropriate
  • LJ is investigating community IT hubs for those persons who do not have IT access or smartphones
  • LJ plans to produce some communications in regards to abbreviations and acronyms -Action LJ
  • LJ would like to send a questionnaire out to patients to understand how we can further support patients with digital access- Action LJ

Patient Survey

The chair reviewed the patient survey results. He noted the following

  • HMG scored lower on markers of patients accessing the survey, but that we have already heard from CC about the plans to approve access
  • HMG scored average and above from patients following their care from clinicians.
  • It was noted that only 191/538 surveys were returned this was 36%

Questions from Patients

  • Are there any plans to close Credenhill surgery? CC replied no plans at present. If HMG decided to close the surgery, they would consult patients and the local health board.
  • Taking own stool samples to the lab? MM replied, Patients have been asked to take stool samples to the lab for a couple of years, we think this is an infection control issue, but will investigate further. Action
  • Does HMG have to have a PPG? MM replied, HMG and previous surgeries all had PPGs. We value the opinions of patients, their support and viewpoints. It is not mandatory for surgeries, but seen as good practice.
  • Does HMG consider the wellbeing of its staff? MM replied we have just carried out a staff survey and will perhaps report on this at our next PPG.
  • There were queries about the 111 service. CC replied explaining how the 111 service should work and how it refers back to HMG, but depending on the time of calling it might refer back to the out of hours service.
  • How can patients ask questions? MM replied that whilst patients can refer questions and queries to the PPG chair for this meeting, part of the PALs officer role is to support patients and this involves questions and queries.
  • Bobblestock door is very heavy for patients? CC will investigate this.
  • The chair brought up an issue of a receptionist advising a patient to go to A&E – CC said that it was against policy for a receptionist to advise a patient to go to A*E unless it was over the phone and it was a medical emergency then they might ask them to call 999.