Bethany Wright

Bethany Wright

Gender: Female

I'm Beth and I am the Patient Experience and Communications Manager for Hereford Medical Group. I studied Politics at University and since graduating in 2015 I have always worked in a healthcare enviroment. I believe everyone is entitled to the best healthcare and one of the reasons I enjoy working for HMG is because what we are doing is innovative, patient focused and it has allowed us to ensure that our patients have access to high quality GP services in Hereford.

I love that my role allows me to interact with both patients and staff, I get to meet with our patients at the Patient Participation Group meetings discussing what really matters to them and no two days are ever the same.

Outside of work I enjoy (trying) to keep fit and my day usually starts at CrossFit Hereford, I still have a keen interest in Politics and enjoy (maybe a little too much) keeping up with the Kardashians.

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