Ceri Chaplin

Ceri Chaplin

Gender: Male

I'm Ceri and I am the Business Manager for HMG. My role is to work with the Partners and management team to ensure that the practice is well managed, secure, and delivers high quality, efficient health care services for our patients and is a good place to work for our staff. I have worked within the NHS for the last 14 years, and in healthcare since I left university. I have had a variety of roles and immediately prior to the merger I was the Practice Manager for Sarum House for almost 5 years.

For HMG, the focus over the first few months has been to work with clinical and administrative colleagues to ensure that common systems and processes are adopted across all sites – you would be amazed at how differently 5 different practices used to do the same thing. I am also responsible for linking with other NHS organisations within Herefordshire and beyond. Outside of work I enjoy running, walking and enjoy getting out and about in the countryside. A small group of us recently completed walking the 177 miles of Offa’s Dyke – not in one go I might add. I also like travelling both in the UK and abroad and enjoy spending my time planning the next big adventure.

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