Kate Jones

Kate Jones

Gender: Female

I’m Kate the Operations Manager for HMG. The operational running of the business I am responsible for includes:

  • Our non-Clinical staff - site supervisors, receptionists, secretaries and administrative staff
  • Telephones which include the Care Navigation Centre - we take on average 10, 000 calls each week – calls were centralised when we became HMG to provide a confidential setting
  • Care Navigation – to ensure patients are seen by the right person for their need internally or externally
  • 9 sites - ensure they are open, staffed and safe
  • Health and Safety

Prior to HMG I worked for King Street Surgery for 13 years, I started as a receptionist, became Assistant Manager after 9 years and was Practice Manager for 2 years before we merged. I have always enjoyed my role, the main challenge now is streamlining processes to deliver an efficient service. Historically we all achieved the same results in 5 different ways! My main focus at the moment is improving the time to contact the surgery by telephone and the development of our Admin and Prescribing hubs. We receive about 1500 documents on a daily basis to be coded and attached to patient notes from hospitals and other external sources- that’s a lot of post! The prescribing hubs will make us more efficient when processing prescriptions and we have aligned telephone line opening hours to match for all. Ideally the best way for patients to request prescriptions is by using our online Patient Access Service.

I am married and lead a busy life outside of work with 2 teenage sons who are both keen sportsmen and require plenty of taxi services. Outside of work I am normally in a car, on the side of a football pitch, poolside or spending time with my husband and 2 dogs. I enjoy keeping fit, and travelling with my family. I completed 12 races in 12 months last year for St Michaels Hospice, as a group we raised just over £5000.