The GPs listed below are employed by Hereford Medical Group.

Dr. Carol Bathurst

Dr. Simon Brookes

Dr. Elizabeth Bullivant

Dr. Morgan - Cadman Davies 

Dr. Hayley Driver

Dr. Una Hanna-Jones

Dr. Shelina Hetherington

Dr. Claire Hollingsworth

Dr. Pasva Manikandan

Dr. Diana Majeed 

Dr. Antony Orr

Dr. Anthony Rignall

Dr. Ayesha Rahim 

Dr. Erica Sibley

Dr. Lynsey Wells (currently on maternity leave)

GP Registrars

A GP Registrar is a Doctor that is training to become a GP. They are supported by the GP trainers at HMG.

Dr. Christina Arokiasamy

Dr. Mariam Awan

Dr. Anna Beaumont

Dr. Samantha Cockayne

Dr. Killivalavan Rajendran

Dr. Veera Tolstova