The GPs listed below are employed by Hereford Medical Group.

Dr. Carol Bathurst

Dr. Simon Brookes

Dr. Elizabeth Bullivant

Dr. Morgan - Cadman Davies 

Dr. Hayley Driver

Dr. Una Hanna-Jones

Dr. Shelina Hetherington

Dr. Claire Hollingsworth

Dr. Pasva Manikandan

Dr. Diana Majeed 

Dr. Antony Orr

Dr. Anthony Rignall

Dr. Ayesha Rahim 

Dr. Erica Sibley

Dr. Lynsey Wells 

GP Registrars

A GP Registrar is a Doctor that is training to become a GP. They are supported by the GP trainers at HMG.

Dr. Christina Arokiasamy

Dr. Mariam Awan

Dr. Anna Beaumont

Dr. Samantha Cockayne

Dr. Killivalavan Rajendran

Dr. Veera Tolstova