Hereford Medical Group
Frequently Asked Questions – May 2019

As you may be aware Quay House Medical Centre, Greyfriars Surgery, Moorfield House Surgery, Sarum House Surgery and King Street and Bobblestock Surgeries merged to form Hereford Medical Group on the 1st July 2018. Below are some key updates and answers to common questions we are asked by patients –

What are the key priorities for Hereford Medical Group?

  • Remaining patient focused
  • Continuity of care
  • Flexibility and accessibility to clinical staff

What has changed with the delivery of care?

  • All on the day care will take place at Moorfield House Surgery
  • This will allow Hereford Medical Group to deliver care in the most effective and efficient way

How do you inform patients of any changes?

  • Via regular Patient Participation Group meetings
  • Updating our website –
  • Information in surgeries – poster, leaflets and practice TV screens
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media – Facebook

Will Hereford Medical Group have a new building?

  • Work has now begun on the new builiding
  • We are working with Prime Plc, developers of the build, on this project
  • In the meantime current surgery sites will be used
  • We expect to move into the new building in early Autumn 2020
  • South Wye Medical Centre, Quay House Medical Centre, Bobblestock Surgery and Credenhill Surgery will remain open as branch sites when the new build is completed

Will the new building have parking for patients?

  • We will have at least 60 spaces available for patients and the carpark will be free to use for patients whilst they are having appointments. We will have disabled spaces, a drop off point, spaces for taxis and there are plans for a Transport Hub to be located near the new surgery. There will also be cycle racks located near the entrance
  • In order to discourage people using the car park when they are not using the surgery, we are developing plans to implement a penalty system. Once the system is finalised we will share this with our patients

Did any staff lose their job as a result of the merger?

  • No staff lost their job due to the merger. All staff have been transferred over to the new merged practice under TUPE arrangements (this is a legal requirement to transfer employees to a new organistion under their current terms and conditions)
  • The merger has allowed Hereford Medical Group to create a number of new roles within the organistion

Has everything changed?

  • The main changes for patients has been the delivery of on the day care. Patients will still phone their usual surgery number but if an on the day appointment is needed it will be at Moorfield House. When you ring the surgery the receptionist, trained in Care Navigation, will ask questions to make sure that the you are signposted to the appropriate service. A GP is based in the Care Navigation Centre to support our reception staff. If you need an appointment that day you will be asked whether you want telephone advice  or a face to face appointment. If you request telephone advice then a clinician will call you back.  Depending on your query, the clinician may ask you  to attend a face to face appointment. If you request a face to face appointment then the receptionist will book one for you, if available. If there are no available face to face appointments, then the receptionist will check with you whether the matter is clinically urgent and cannot wait until another day.  If so then the receptionist will arrange for a GP to call you back to discuss the nature of the problem.
  • Hereford Medical Group now has a dedicated Care Navigation Centre answering phone calls for appointments and general queries. This allows receptionists trained in care navigation to deal with calls in a confidential environment. The only phones we have within reception areas are internal ones. By removing phones from the reception areas we have created a more confidential environment for our patients

When is the best time to call?

  • We have a team of, up to, 12 reception staff who are based at the Care Navigation Centre answering calls from 8.00am – 6.00pm. We have days of the week and times of the day which are busier than others. For example, Hereford Medical Group receives an extremely high number of calls on a Monday morning between 8am – 10am
  • You will be notified of what number you are in the queue and answered in turn, so please either hold on for your call to be answered or call back later if the matter is not urgent.  Please note that hanging up and trying again will mean that the call is at the back of the queue
  • Patients can book appointments online. If you don’t currently use this service and would like to please visit any of our surgeries with two forms of ID and we will be able to provide you with log in details

Will I still be able to visit my usual site?

  • Yes you can attend the same the same site. However, if you could be seen quicker at a different site or it is more convenient for you we will be able to offer that option. For Moorfield House Surgery patients routine appointments will be held from Aylestone Hill Surgery and South Wye Medical Centre which were previously branch surgeries of Moorfield House

Do I contact you on the number I used before July 2018?

  • Yes, telephone numbers have not changed.

Can I still book routine appointments?

  • Yes, appointment booking will be the same. 
  • Over time we will review services to see if Hereford Medical Group can provide these in a better way; but this will be a gradual process and patients will be updated about any changes we make
  • We are committed to ensuring that continuity of care is retained for patients with on-going health care issues as we know that this is important to you and good for patient care

Do I request my repeat prescription in the same way?

  • Our Prescription Line opening times were aligned on the 1st April 2019
  • Our Prescription Line is open from 10am – 1pm Monday – Friday for your prescription requests
  • Please continue to phone the same number that you currently call and press 'Option 2'
  • We will have a queuing system in place and you will be notified of where you are in the queue
  • Our team of pharmacists will work with our prescription clerks from our prescribing hubs
  • Did you know you can request prescriptions online? If you would like to register for Patient Access, please visit any of our surgeries and bring two forms of ID with you (one photographic and one to confirm your address).  Our reception team will be happy to register you for the service.  Online requests go directly to your GP to action and are then sent directly to your pharmacy(with the exception of controlled drugs) saving you 2 trips. It is a safer, more accurate and quicker way to manage your prescriptions that is accessible 24/7! For more information on online services please click here 

Will I still be registered at my current practice?

  • You will be registered with Hereford Medical Group. You can still request to see the GP or nurse of your choice and you can still attend the site of your choice. As mentioned above patients registered with Moorfield House Surgery will be offered routine appointments at Aylestone Hill and South Wye Medical Centre. When GPs leave the practice we reallocate their patients to a new ‘usual GP’ and you will be notified of this change on your next visit to the surgery

Does Hereford Medical Group take new registrations?

  • Hereford Medical Group does take new registrations

Have you met with the Patient Participation Group since the merger?

  • We meet with the Patient Participation Group every three months. If you would like to join the PPG please email for the attention of Bethany Wright

Any questions or views?