Care Navigation

What is Care Navigation?

Care Navigation is simply helping you see the right person for your need.  Hereford Medical Group has Nurse Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Practice Nurses, Primary Care Practitioners and others who are able to help you; it is not always the GP you need to see.  Outside agencies such as the Pharmacy, Opticians and Let’s Talk can also help and sometimes this can be quicker than waiting to see your GP.

When you contact Hereford Medical Group the receptionist will ask you the reason why you’re calling, this is to make sure you are offered the best service to help you. The Doctors have requested that all our Receptionists ask a little about the reason you'd like a GP appointment. Please don't be offended if a Receptionist asks you what you are calling about. You may then be asked to visit your pharmacy, booked with a nurse practitioner, the GP, or another option depending on your need.  Please help us to help you by answering our Receptionist questions.

Hereford Medical Group has recorded (up to 4th November 2018) 6904 signposts to alternative internal or external providers with 6646 of these being accepted by patients. These accepted signposts have resulted in an estimate of 680 GP hours saved within Hereford Medical Group.

Reception staff complete an online accredited course and face-to-face training sessions before they can care navigate.

Links to some of the external services that we use are below:

Herefordshire Carers Support, District Nurses, School Nursing, Health Visitors,Social Care and  Support,Let’s talk, Community Pharmacies and WISH.

More details about providers who do not have external websites:

We may refer you to PEARS if you are having problems with your eyes. We can refer patients if they have had symptoms in the last two weeks including: foreign bodies, ingrowing lashes, distorted, blurred or double vision and droopy eyelid. Symptoms that have happened in the last six weeks we can refer for include: flashing lights in their vision and floating spots in the vision.

We can refer some patients to the Stop Smoking Service including women who are pregnant.

We can also refer patients aged 16 and above who are motivated to change their lifestyle to Active HERE.

Overall GP practices across Herefordshire have recorded an estimated 2000 hours of saved GP time, which means more time spent with patients who really need it.