If you are concerned you might have ADHD or Autism, there is support out there to help understand these traits and how to live effectively with them – see the links below. 

If you struggle significantly with these symptoms, a diagnosis may be helpful.  If you want to consider this route, please book an appointment with a GP using an online form.  It would be helpful if you could complete a screening questionnaire and bring it with you to your appointment

Support for Autism

  • Cartshed
    Being Autistic programme.  a safe space where autistic adults can explore being autistic with other autistic adults and covers a range of topics such as autistic identity, masking, stimming, overwhelm, burnout, relationships, sensory processing differences, executive functioning, legal rights, co-occurring conditions and more.
  • Herefordshire &
    Community Autism Support Service
    Tel 01432 801 687
    online referral form – Advice, information and signposting service for 16+ by telephone or email1:1 advice, information and guidance steps – 8 week Group personal development programmes – workshops and group opportunities
  • National Autistic Society
    information, support, strategies, dedicated helpline
  • Autism west midlands
    in person and online, support for families, befriending, supported living, community outreach, help with keeping a job
  • Autism speaks
    ( – information on diagnosis, living with autism, and books

Support for ADHD

Information on the Right To Choose Pathway:

If you are based in England under the NHS you now have a legal right to choose your mental healthcare provider and your choice of mental healthcare team. This important right means that, for instance, should you decide the waiting time for your ADHD assessment is too long, then you can choose alternative providers.  The provider must supply the service to the NHS somewhere in England. The providers we are aware of are listed below and we update the list regularly.

Helpful resources: – This website provides information for regarding ADHD and where to go to get support